Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day in the Garden

Today promises to be sunny and warm, a perfect day for the garden. The early morning fog has burnt off and the sun is peeping through.

I've got a few morning chores to do and then, all going well, its time for the garden. We have a reasonably large garden and its in dire need of some work. I've had a vegetable garden for some time and have had varying degrees of success with it. Late last year I finally got tired of everything but me eating the vegies. The rabbits came in for a nibble as did the possums, the wallaby, and the birds. The local echidna would come in and rearrange the garden while hunting out the ants. I don't mind sharing but this was getting ridiculous.

When something came in and ate all the onion tops and the hearts of out the cabbages that was the final straw. Something had to be done. It was true that the fence was getting a bit old and wobbly and there was the odd hole where something had dug under but a new fence wasn't going to stop all the free loaders helping themselves.

Then I read an article about a fully enclosed vegie garden using polypipe arches and it seemed perfect. I had dreams of a new garden by Christmas. Work began, the old fence was pushed over, the area cleared and the new area measured out. The article said they completed their garden in 6 half days - I could do this. What it didn't mention is that your ground has to be flat or things just don't work. My ground is definitely not flat. After making a mess and ending up with very unsymmetrical arches I was feeling very disheartened. My son came to the rescue and helped me find the levels and with a bit of creativity we got those arches looking good.

Christmas came and went and the hot weather set in. Life became busy and the garden just sat. Now the weather has cooled down its time to get back outside and into the garden - at least that is the plan.
Leeks growing in the new garden.

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