Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Inside Day

More rain today. This is a good thing as we really need the rain, days of it actually, and it gives me an' inside day'. I can happily do inside jobs today and not feel too guilty about the garden.

I've been out this morning and done a few jobs locally- picked up the mail, been to the local shops and called in the community center to pick up items we will need for this weekend's fete. In an effort to cut down on the use of the car I do what I can locally and combine trips. I also park the car centrally and walk to the various places I need to go: the shops, library, post office and where ever else I need to go. Cutting down on the use of the car saves money, is good for the environment and gives me some exercise.

Hopefully today I'll get through a couple of hours of work (I work from home on a part time basis), clean up the house a bit and get some sewing done. I need to sew a banner for the fete on the weekend and make a warm blanket for the dog to sleep on as the weather is getting cold. I have an old quilt I am going to cut up and edge for the dog. She is 15 years old and really feeling the cold this winter. The quilt will be warm for her to sleep on and provide a bit of padding which will be softer than sleeping on the hard floor. Last winter I made her a new coat which she loves so I might even get industrious and make her a new coat as well. At her age she deserves a bit of pampering.

I had better get moving or nothing will get done.

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