Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Knit one, purl one

I have a new obsession - I'm learning to knit. The emphasis here should be on LEARNING. I'm getting there but it is a slow process. I have knitted before, I did the obligatory sewing course in year 8 at school and had to learn to knit. My baby booties were not a thing of beauty.

Recently I was in an op shop and saw a big container of knitting needles. I grabbed a pair for 50 cents and took them home to give knitting a go. Casting on was easy and I even remembered how to knit and purl, wow! maybe that year 8 sewing course was going to be handy after all. My first project was a dish cloth because it is simple, quick to knit and it doesn't matter if you make a few oops. I had no idea how to cast off so I searched on the Internet and found a site which explained the process, it wasn't even that hard.

Next project was also a dishcloth which looked better than the first so I figured I was ready for something more challenging. My daughter now has a new scarf knitted by me and surprisingly she likes it (teenagers are the fussiest creatures I know). Now its on to bigger and more complicated projects.

Two of my knitted dishcloths

One of the best bits of knitting is going to the shops and seeing all the beautiful yarns and dreaming what you could make from them. So many colours and so many interesting yarns. I love the yarn with the bobbles on it but haven't come up with an idea for it as of yet.

Next step is learning to crochet!

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