Monday, June 30, 2008

Bin Night Again

Tomorrow is bin night - again, where do the days go? Seeing a week's worth of rubbish make its trip down the driveway to be collected by the council rubbish truck makes you think. How can four people generate so much rubbish in one week?!

Our council supplies each household with one rubbish bin and a much larger recycle bin. Generally our rubbish bin is about half full each week and the recycle bin close to full but that is emptied every two weeks. I've been trying to cut our waste down but still fall a long way short of the ideal.

We have chooks (chickens) who happily eat most food scraps and rabbits who like carrot peelings, apple cores, cabbage and broccoli stems. Some food is still thrown out but not much. The biggest waste contributer in our house is packaging. I try and avoid it but somehow it still makes its way in. I regularly refuse to buy over packaged food products much to my kids frustration. Off the shopping list is anything that comes in a single serve cup or bowl (instant noodles, pasta dishes etc), anything wrapped individually and then rewrapped as a multi item package (some soaps, multi bags of chips, biscuits etc) and anything where you seem to be opening layer after layer of packaging to finally get to the product inside.

The next step to make use of some of our household waste is to build a worm farm. I already have an old bath tub and some bags of horse manure. I haven't decided where to put the worm farm. It has to be close to the kitchen or no one will bother to make the trip out to the worm farm with the scraps. The worms will also need shelter from the sun and rain. A bit more thinking is required.

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