Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back again

Where did the time go? I kept thinking I must get back to this blog but time just flew past. It was bad time management on my behalf. Here's hoping I'll be more organized in future (we can hope).

So what have I been doing all these months? Nothing that exciting really. We've been looking around for a new home but haven't found exactly what we want as of yet. With the financial crisis we do wonder if it is a good time to move and take out another loan anyway. For the time being we are staying here.

I had been learning to knit with varied success but as the weather has warmed up I've put the knitting needles down and started sewing. I'm not really what you would call someone who sews. Actually its probably pretty true to say I avoided sewing if at all possible. I did sew on the odd button and did a little hand sewing but that was about the extent of my sewing.

Just recently I was inspired by other people's wonderful creations so decided to get my sewing machine out and wipe off the layers of dust. I made my first ever dress! This will be part of one of my nieces Christmas present. The dress has elastic shirring at the top so no buttons or zips are necessary (which is really good because I don't think I'm up to putting in zips just yet). The whole dress is made with straight lines of sewing - quite a few straight lines. Its easy but looks very cute. There is a great tutorial at

Now to find some more simple patterns to sew creations for my other nieces. My own daughter just glared when she saw the sewing machine and said "you had better not be making anything for me". Don't you love teenagers!

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