Monday, November 24, 2008

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

  • Blue Lake climbing beans (seedlings)
  • Bush beans (seedlings)
  • Yellow Crookneck Squash (seedlings)
  • Strawberry plants
Planning for The Future
  • Redesigning the vegetable garden to include lots more wicking beds. My first wicking bed is a great success and drastically cuts down on watering.
Working for the Future - storing food, managing stores, preserving, building that home made cob or solar oven, adding house insulation, saving for manual grain mills etc
  • More work on the 'pest proof' vegetable garden. The first row of fencing wire is up so the dogs can no longer get in and trample my precious seedlings. The look on their faces when they bounded down to the vegie garden and discovered they couldn't get in the dig up the nice soft soil was quite comical.
Building Community - volunteering, donations, joining an existing community group, forming your own community group, taking a cake to a friend having a hard time, calling someone you just let drift out of your life, etc
  • Voluntary work with a local youth organization
Learn a new Skill
  • Learning to sew, well at least attempting to sew. This week I learnt to make a very simple dress using shirring. Its simple and looks good and I'm becoming addicted to fabric stores.
  • Making soap - I've tried a new recipe. It is supposed to lather well so I've made a batch for washing the dishes. It smells heavenly (lemon) so here's hoping it works well. I'll tell you in 6 weeks when its cured.

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