Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knitting dishcloths

I've slowly been progressing on my knitting but its certainly a slow process. I don't knit as much now the weather has warmed up but I still occasionally pick up the needles at night. I've knitted a few simple dishcloths and now I've progressed to trying out some patterns. I was given a book on knitting for my birthday which has pages of sample squares showing different patterns. I've been knitting the sample squares as dishcloths. I learn a new stitch and gain a useful dishcloth. Pretty good eh? My dishcloths are knitted with cotton yarn so they are wonderfully absorbent. By buying the yarn on special I've saved money and each dishcloth costs about $1.00 in yarn. Not bad for a cloth that can be used many many times and should last years. I throw mine in the washing machine when I'm washing the tea towels etc. Much more hygienic than a smelly old sponge.

Some of my friends will be receiving a couple of knitted dishcloths and some homemade soap for Christmas presents, a simple but useful gift.

The dishcloth above is one of my favourite patterns. Its actually very simple but looks impressive.

Pattern for two colour dishcloth
Cast on 39 stitches in main colour (MC)
Knit three rows
Pattern row 1: Slip 1 purl wise, knit two and repeat until end (MC)
Pattern row 2: Knit (MC)
Pattern row 3: Change colour (CC) knit 2, slip 1 purl wise repeat until end
Pattern row 4: Knit (CC)
repeat pattern until desired length
Knit three rows in MC
Cast off

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