Monday, December 15, 2008

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge Update

Sowing seed or Planting

The snails and various other bugs had a feast on my home grown seedlings (very unhappy about that) so I purchased some seedlings and planted them out. Seedlings planted:
  • heritage tomatoes - Black Russian, Green Zebra, and two other varieties I've forgotten
  • basil
  • cucumbers
  • celery
The recent rains have made the vegie garden flourish. Lettuces are popping up everywhere and taking over. I picked a large bucket of lettuces today and fed them to the chooks as a treat to create some space in the garden. The snails have taken advantage of the wet weather and feasted on the bean seedlings. The parsnips and carrots have bolted to seed and the leeks will be following soon.

The lettuces are taking over - the tomato has to fight for room.

The carrots and parsnip have gone to seed.
Planning for The Future
  • Cooking and freezing meals for my son when he is working shift work
  • Cooking and freezing meals for the family for the nights I get home late

Working for the Future - storing food, managing stores, preserving, building that home made cob or solar oven, adding house insulation, saving for manual grain mills etc
  • Opened a savings account to save for the deposit for our new home or renovations on our existing home.

Building Community - volunteering, donations, joining an existing community group, forming your own community group, taking a cake to a friend having a hard time, calling someone you just let drift out of your life, etc
  • Sent Christmas cards to serving Australian service personnel
  • Caught up with some old friends
  • Had a big clean up and have a large box of goods to be donated to the Op-Shop
Learn a new Skill
  • Repaired a canvas tent by patching a tear and replacing two grommets.


kiwimeg said...

Just thought I'd leave a comment to let you know I am really enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work :)

Crunchie's Mum said...

Thank you for your kind words. You will make my daughter happy as she has been waiting for someone to leave a comment.