Thursday, December 4, 2008

Making a Shopping Tote

I've made my first shopping tote! I often take a green shopping bag with me when I go shopping. I take my bottle of water, spare shopping bags for the grocery shopping and various other bits and pieces. My daughter considers this embarrassing (she is a teenager, everything your parent does is embarrassing). I thought this bag was a bit nicer than my green bag (teenage daughter doesn't think so). I've used a heavier drill fabric for the bottom and handles to make it more durable. They orange is quilting fabric which was on special.

The bag is lined in unbleached calico. Now to make some more as Christmas presents!

Now I'm inspired to make a few more. Of course I'll have to buy some more fabric, its really becoming an addiction. Luckily there is a coffee shop near the fabric store to keep my husband happy while I'm browsing through the vast array of fabrics and agonizing over which one to buy.

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