Friday, December 19, 2008

The Promise of Plenty

Our fruit trees are loaded with fruit this year. I went for a wander through the main orchard area and was pleasantly surprised to see branches loaded with fruit. Home grown fruit is DELICIOUS. Nothing comes close to the flavour of an apricot picked fresh from the tree. The birds and local possums agree with me. They raid the trees and it is a race to see who gets the fruit first. They usually win. We normally net the peach tree close to the house but not the trees in the orchard. They are too big and its a bit difficult. I've been collecting net bags the onions come in (10kg bags) so I'll net a few branches and at least get a taste of our own fruit.

The parrots and lorrikeets do look beautiful sitting in the trees, their colours are stunning, I try and ignore the fact that they are only there for a free feed.

The peach tree in the photo above grew from a seedling. Every year it is loaded with sweet juicy fruit. It is kept pruned smallish as it is quite near the house and its easier to net that way. We have planted another seedling peach tree next to it and I'm hoping it will be as good as this tree.

You can't complain about fruit trees, they give loads of fruit for little work and even if the possums and birds beat you to the fruit you still get shade, leaves for mulch in the autumn and lovely flowers in spring.

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