Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two more shopping totes

I was very industrious and finished off two more shopping totes for Christmas gifts. I think I have finally figured out the best way to make them after quite a few oops. The totes are fully lined with nice long comfortable handles. They are large enough to fit two large sized cereal boxes in each one. It takes me about two hours to make one. I'm sure a more experienced sewer would be faster. Hopefully my sister and mother will like their shopping totes. I'm packaging them up with some homemade soap and various other bits and pieces.

I still need to make myself a shopping tote as well. I've started one, the prototype but it had to be unpicked as I didn't like the handles. It will have to wait until after Christmas as well. Next week is really busy as we have visitors arriving then Christmas then hopefully some free time.

I've bought some funky teenage fabric to make a bag for my daughter - even she approves of this idea. It will have to wait until after Christmas though.

I've been searching the op shops (thrift stores) for fabric but so far I haven't found anything that appeals. I've been told of a store that specializes in fabric and old sewing patterns so I'll have to visit it after the Christmas rush is over. It will be something to look forward to.

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