Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Washing the Dishes

Where do all the dirty dishes come from? They seem to breed in the kitchen sink. I'm the chief dish washer in this household but I do have some pretty good helpers. I don't mind doing the dishes with my kids as they tend to chat as they work. You can find out all sorts of stuff over a sink full of hot water.

I've been making and using my own dishcloths for a while now. They are knitted from pure cotton and are lovely and absorbent. The pink and brown coloured one in the photo is knitted from bamboo yarn. Its lovely stuff, soft and silky, but it is a bit more expensive and tends to split as you knit.

Our dishes are washed in pure soap. The soap above is one I've made and scented with lemon oil. It smells wonderful. It almost makes doing the dishes a pleasure. The homemade soap seems to be better than the Velvet soap we were using earlier. The Velvet soap makes the dishes very slippery, they need rinsing. Soap doesn't bubble like detergent, it takes a bit of getting used to. Its not the bubbles that clean the dishes.

A niffty idea I got from a country friend is to put your soap in a container with holes punched in the bottom (I use a plastic jar), fill the container with water as you fill your sink and allow the soapy water to run through. She tells me country people have been washing the dishes that way for years.

In summer the dishes will be washed in a plastic tub which fits in the sink and the dirty water thrown on the garden.

Making your own dishwashing soap and dishcloths won't make doing the dishes fun but it does make it more bearable.

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