Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another bag - patchwork this time.

Another bag finished! This one is for me. It is padded and lined and will be perfect to keep my latest knitting project in. It is made with some small patchwork squares I already had cut out waiting for a project. I seem to be in a bag sewing faze. On my sewing table is a shopping tote for me to be finished and another for my daughter. She approves of this one as she chose the fabric, its bright pink with black skulls. I'm hoping to make a bag out of an old pair of jeans as well, and there is the pattern my daughter and I found on the internet that she likes for a shoulder bag and the large tote with cord handles I have the pattern for and, and, and ...

Luckily I have heaps of fabric to use up. Tomorrow we are off to the craft stores to buy more fabric and some beads, because you can never have too much fabric (especially if its on special).

As the sun shone yesterday lots of washing was done (it never seems to end) and the dogs had a bath. Daisy, the Labrador, now looks shiny and glows in the sunlight. Mud actually ran down her legs when we washed her. She was one dirty dog. Daisy loves rolling in the dirt and wading through the pond. For one afternoon she was clean and smelt lovely - I'm sure it won't last.

Amber, our new puppy, didn't like the idea of a bath. Amber is only 8 months old, she was our daughter's Christmas present though we did get her a month or so before Christmas. Amber is huge, think small horse size. She just keeps growing. We just wet Amber down a bit and played with the water with her (its OK its tank water). Hopefully next time she will be happier to have a bath.

The twelve days of Christmas finished yesterday so we packed away the last of the Christmas decorations. Why does it always seem to take longer packing them up than getting them out? Before we know it Easter will be here. I've already seen Easter eggs in the shops.

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