Monday, January 12, 2009

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge Update

Sowing seed or Planting

School holidays have taken up lots of time so the garden has been neglected. I'm determined to get back to it this week. The good news is the tomatoes have been flourishing with lots of green fruit on the bushes.

The wicking garden beds are wonderful. I need to water one bed today before the hot weather tomorrow but that will be the first time I have watered this summer. Wicking beds have a plastic lined bottom so they have a reservoir of water in the bottom. Its important the soil in the garden is good for wicking the water up from the reservoir to the plants ie. loose, lots of organic matter, not solid clay. My beds are about 40cm deep, some deeper, and well muched. The soil has remained moist for weeks from the occasional rain. The surrounding non wicking beds are dry.

Planning for The Future
I'll be making more wicking beds for the garden. It takes a bit of work to build them but well worth the effort as it cuts down on the watering significantly.

Menu planing has been working well. I love that I know what I am cooking each night. Its cut down on trips to the shops which is a bonus.

Menu for this week:
Monday: Curried sausages and mashed potato
Tuesday: Tuna patties and salad
Wednesday: Quiche and salad
Thursday: Lamb cutlets
Friday: Lentil burgers
Sat: Lemon fish and chips
Sun: leftovers

Working for the Future
I've cleaned the house gutters (half of them anyway) and cut back foliage close to the house for bush fire protection. We have bought a new long handled lopper which has made the job much easier.

Building Community
Planning for a camp with a local youth organization.

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