Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge Update

Sowing seed or Planting

The first tomatoes of the season are picked are sitting on my kitchen bench ripening. The peach tree has a bumper crop and we've been eating the odd peach for a few weeks now. The majority of the crop should ripen over the next week especially with the hot weather coming up.

Planning for The Future
I'm a bit late with the menu plan this week. The public holiday yesterday upset my system a bit. There will be lots of simple meals on the menu this week as the temperatures are going to soar so cooking will be kept to a minimum.

Tuesday - Quiche and Salad
Wednesday - Chicken and Salad
Thursday - Tuna patties and Salad
Friday - Lamb cutlets with veges
Saturday - ??
Sunday - Roast turkey (leftovers to be used for school lunches)

I'll try and bake some biscuits and cakes this afternoon while the oven is on for the quiche to provide snacks for the week.

Working for the Future

Building Community
Both the kids had a bit more of a clean out and are quickly filling the op shop boxes. I'm encouraging them to continue and doing some decluttering myself. All the 'good' stuff is then off to the op shop.

Learn a new Skill
My sewing is progressing with learning how to gather. I've nearly finished a skirt with a bit of gathering in it for a niece. I just need a length of ribbon to finish it off.

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Linda said...

It's amazing to have to think of school lunches again.