Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to School

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Its back to school in a few short weeks. For the first time in 12 years we will only have one child at school. Our son finished school last year. My daughter loves Ebay and has purchased most of her books on Ebay. She is selling her old books on Ebay. Purchasing second hand books has saved us hundreds of dollars. I think we have most of her books now.

Last night I let down the hem of her school dress ready for the new year and we covered some of her text books. Things are pretty much organized although there are still a few stationery items to buy. This year will be our daughter's final year at secondary school. I'll miss this ritual of getting ready for school next year. Its become a part of our life.

I'm sure next year will bring new challenges and will be exciting in its own way. That's life isn't it, things change all the time.

To all you families getting ready for school, enjoy it, the school years are over before you know it.

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belinda said...


That life step would definitely be a jolt. These rhythms of life at times are surprising when they up and leave us.

Good Luck with your daughters final year.. May she find a path that will fulfil her, whatever that ends up being.

Kind Regards