Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Down - Two to Go

We survived the heat today, a rather warm 43C. Adelaide beat us with 45C. It was so hot the train lines buckled and trains had to be canceled. Standing on a hot train platform with hundreds of others waiting for trains that didn't come would not have been fun.

We traveled to Geelong to visit a friend and enroll my son at University. We left early, 6:30am, and only just made it by 10am. It seems everyone left early to beat the heat. Coming home was hot, hot, hot.

The weather forecast has changed again. Tomorrow is now expected to be 43C and windy. Not a good combination when you live in a bushfire prone area. I think we might go off the mountain tomorrow.

Friday is also 43C but not windy. Saturday we get a bit of a break as its only going to be 35C.

So for everyone suffering through the heatwave, keep cool and keep safe.


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