Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Record Breaker

Apparently we are about to have the dubious honour of breaking a 100 year old record. If we have the top temperatures the weather bureau has forecast it will be the hottest continuous heatwave in 100 years. Great (not!). Today is forecast to be 38C (100F) but that's not part of the record, nope the really hot stuff starts Wednesday. At the moment the prediction is:

Wednesday 41C (105.8F)
Thursday 40C (104F)
Friday 40C
Saturday 40C
Sunday 31C (88F) - the cool change

It doesn't look pretty. The hot weather is sure to increase people's water usage which is something we can't afford. We are in a pretty severe drought. The hot weather also causes a drain on the electricity supply and outages are not uncommon.

I won't enjoy the hot spell but the people I really feel sorry for are the elderly. Lets hope everyone finds somewhere cool. I'm off to bucket more water from the washing machine on to the garden.


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