Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad News

Sad news
While I was typing away this morning there was a terrible racket coming from the dog yard. The puppy had a chook pinned down and it was objecting in a most vocal way. The chook was released the dog locked up and then I noticed another chook which had been killed. The chooks and the dogs had been living together for awhile and although there had been minor skirmishes everything had seemed to have settled down. Our last dog had lived with the chooks for years with no major problems and Daisy the labrador loves the chooks. She even lets them curl up with her for a sleep. Amber, the pup, wants to play and the chooks are not robust enough to play with her. Sadly one chook paid the ultimate price and the others will now have to be locked up for their own safety. Its a big chook house but not the same as being able to roam around amongst the bushes in a much larger yard. We will have to see if we can provide the chooks with a safe run where Amber can't get them.

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