Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Washing Day

Today's Monday, today's Monday
Monday is washing day
Is ev'rybodyhappy?
You bet your life we are.

Well, actually today is Tuesday,but yesterday was Monday and washing day. The sun shone so it was a great day to catch up on the washing (sometimes I wonder what happened to the days that a sunny day meant a picnic or a walk in forest). The beds were stripped, the sheets washed and the blankets hung out in the sunshine to air out. I love the smell of sheets hung out in the sunshine. There is nothing quite like it.

Traditionally, in Australia, washing is hung outside. I was amazed to discover that places in America have made washing lines illegal forcing people to use dryers. Sunshine is free, makes the clothes smell great and doesn't contribute to global warming. I have two clothes lines, one is the traditional "Hills Hoist" line out the back and the other is a large clothes airer on wheels which I usually have in the sunshine on the paving. If it looks like rain it can be simply wheeled under cover under the verandah.

Under the washing line out the back is a pond. Originally it had fish in it but now it is the home for the local frogs. Right now it is full of wiggly tadpoles. In a few weeks the tadpoles will be frogs and the croaking will begin. The frogs get so loud we have to turn the TV up to hear it over the croaking!

Monday is also menu planning day so for this week we are having:

Monday: Curried beef with rice

Tuesday: Chilli con Carne

Wednesday: Fried rice

Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas

Friday: Fettuccine Carbonara

Saturday: Curry, Honey, Mustard Chicken with potato bake

Sunday: going out

Now I just have to stick to the plan!

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