Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Tote - This Time for Me

Finally, after sewing shopping totes for everyone else I finished one for me. Its a generous size but easy to carry and looks better than your standard green shopping bag. At least I think it looks better, my kids refuse to be seen in public with it. The joys of children.

Taking my own bag shopping saves on lots of plastic bags and its a lot more comfortable to carry than plastic bags which cut into your fingers. We are even starting to run out of plastic bags from the plastic shopping bag pile which every home seems to have.

Now to start my next sewing project - an apron. My daughter disapproves of this as well, apparently aprons are grandma things. To be more exact, aprons you make yourself are grandma things but shop bought is OK. It seems there are endless ways to embarrass your children.

Have a great day. The weather here today is much milder, we have even had some light rain. Its great to have a respite from the extreme fire danger days.


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