Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fire Update

The fires continue to burn and they will for some time yet. The death toll is shockingly high and we have been warned it will continue to grow. Help is starting to get into the state from around Australia and the army has been mobilized. Fingers crossed the weather stays cool and the winds don't pick up.

We attended a fire meeting last night. There is a large fire reasonably close to us. The meeting was information for residents about what we can expect. So far we are OK but a wind change could make things a bit tricky around here.

We've cleaned up around the house but the recent dry and windy weather has brought down branches and there are leaves everywhere. The plan is to do some more raking today. It never ends.

Stay safe everyone,

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Linda said...

I hope this week is better than the last, and that next week will be better again.