Friday, February 27, 2009

Spike Day

Today as been declared a 'spike day', in other words a day of extreme fire danger. High temperatures and strong winds are expected across the state. Nearly 200 schools are closed because of the extreme fire risk. Childcare centres and kindergartens in bush fire prone areas are also closed. Most people in our street have evacuated. Its kind of strange; very quiet with a sense of waiting. My family have elected to stay and not evacuate as our home is well prepared and there are three adults and no young children here today. The weather here is also quite mild. The strong winds haven't eventuated and its only now getting hot outside.

Lets hope the predicted wind change this evening doesn't bring strong winds. So far the containment lines around the existing fires have held. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Once we get through today the weekend weather is predicted to be mild.The next danger day is Tuesday when very strong winds are forecast. We will all be very happy when the rains finally come.

Stay safe everyone,

Update: The wind change was much later and not as strong as predicted so the four major fires still burning stayed behind containment lines. Today, Saturday, is much cooler and heavy clouds have hung overhead but we haven't had any rain. I've never seen it so dry around here. Its going to be a long summer.

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