Thursday, March 19, 2009


One of the first things I did when I decided to slow down and live a simpler and more rewarding life was to make myself an apron. I already had a couple of aprons but didn't often wear them. One was made at school many years ago. It seems an apron is still the standard first sewing project at school as my daughter's one and only apron was made at school.

One was handmade and embroidered by me when I was about 10 years old. I'm astounded I had the patience. Its all hand sewn. A friend made me an apron some years ago. She dyed it and hand painted it. Its gone a lovely soft blue colour over the years.

I wanted simple, practical, inexpensive aprons that could be washed often. I bought some cotton drill fabric (about $3 per metre) and some ribbon belting ($3 for 5 metres). I used the ribbon belting to make the apron ties which was quick and easy. Each apron cost around $5 each. It would have been a bit cheaper to make the ties from the drill but would have taken a bit longer to sew.

The plain two coloured aprons are drill which is hard wearing and launders well. The cream apron is calico and was hand sewn over 30 years ago.

The embroidery on the apron.

I nearly always wear my apron when I'm cooking now. Putting on my apron means its down to business time. Strangely, it makes cooking and doing the dishes less of a chore.

My latest apron - just because I really liked the cupcake idea.

Sewing my own aprons also meant getting the sewing machine out and dusting it off. It was a simple way to start sewing again. So grab some fabric, get creative and make some aprons!


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Our Red House said...

I love your apron with the cupcakes. I'm also pretty impressed with the embroidery you did as a 10 year old.