Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday the weather was forecast to be extreme - very strong winds and hot temperatures. With two fires burning close to home we decided to evacuate. This is our first evacuation for the fire season. We have stayed home other days but the warnings for Tuesday were dire. Everyone was on edge.

I packed on Monday and we left Monday night to stay with a friend. The dilemma was what to pack? Its a strange thing going through your home and deciding what to take and what gets left. So what did we take?

  • 2 large dogs and their food, bowls, leads and bedding
  • 2 rabbits and their food and bowls
  • 4 chooks and their food and bowls
  • clothes
  • bedding
  • photos
  • birth certificates, insurance papers
  • the kids treasure boxes
  • a plate that was my grandmothers
  • binoculars that were my husband's great grandfathers
  • a number of computers (we work from home so without these PCs there would be no income)
  • a few small valuables
That's it. Not a lot but its the stuff we would miss. We took two cars. Mine was the one full of animals. It was an interesting drive.

Luckily the weather wasn't as bad as forecast and the containment lines held. We even got rain. Most welcome lovely wet rain. We've had some wind damage at home, just a few fallen trees.

I hope everyone else stayed safe and we enjoy the cooler weather forecast for this week.


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