Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shaker Style Rug update

I've been busily knitting away - mostly while watching TV of an evening. It seems that 3 squares is about all I can manage in a week. This blanket is going to take a while. That's OK though, its satisfying to see my little pile of completed squares growing.

More purple squares this week:

The first is stocking stitch - alternative rows of plain and purl.

Next is the simplest stitch of them all - garter stitch, all plain knitting. All my garter stitch squares will have a design embroidered on them before the rug is complete.

The last square is a little different. Its hard to see but it is a reverse ridge.

Reverse Ridge
(any number of stitches)
R1: k
repeat R1-R8

Next week I think its time for another colour other than purple - green maybe.


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