Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shaker Style Rug

I'm not much of a knitter. I really like hand knitted things but it takes me ages to produce anything myself. I would love to be a speedy knitter but I'm not. Part of the problem is I have a medical complaint which gives me sore shoulders and hands if I do something like knitting for any length of time. My knitting tends to be done in front of the TV and in short bursts.

I've found what I think is the perfect project for me. Rhonda at Down to Earth has invited us to knit along and make a shaker style rug. Perfect - I can use up left over bits of wool, the squares are small so not heavy to knit and you can pick it up and put it down as you please.

I had some purple wool so my first square is purple. I'll embroider a heart on it when I get some red wool.

There was still plenty of purple wool left so the next square is also purple but this time with a pattern in it. And you guessed it another purple square. I've still got enough purple wool left to combine with another colour to make a stripey square.

The patterned squares will add some texture to the finished rug and let me practice some new patterns.

Happy knitting,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda

I would like to join the knit in group. I would like to try the shaker throw.

Does it matter what weight the wool ie would uk double knitting be appropiate.

Also how can I obtain other patterns for the squares

Thanks Dolores