Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Towel and Pot Holder Swap

I'm participating in the tea towel and pot holder swap from Down To Earth. My swap partner lives in Colorado in the US. I thought I would make something with an Australian theme so a quick hunt through some pattern books and I came up with the idea of gum blossom and wattle. So far I've just started the tea/dish towels. The pot holders with have a cut down version of the same pattern - I think!

I've stitched the design on a calico panel and this will be stitched to the bottom of the tea/dish towel as a bottom border. I still need to finish the gum blossom and the wattle in the bottom panel in the photo above and the top panel needs quite a bit more work.

I quite like the design but I'm concerned about how durable it will be - tea/dish towels do a lot of work and get washed often. I've cut out the shapes and used visofix to fuse them to the calico then blanket stitched around the shapes. The stems are backstitched and the gum blossom is made from colonial/french knots.

What do you think - will it be hard wearing enough or should I come up with an alternative idea?


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laurie said...

Hi! Led here from Make It From Scratch and their Carnival. I think the tea towels will be fine as they are. I know if I received something like that, I'd just treat them a little more gently. I have some vintage towels that only are used for drying dishes - no grubby man hands or counters or anything like that, just so I can enjoy them a little longer.

I have chooks too, and you're right about the eggs being priceless. I adore the chooks. I have friends asking for eggs, too, and find that when I start selling them, they start paying for the food, which is a nice bonus.

I find it so interesting that people around the world are returning to simpler times. I just wish it hadn't had to get quite so bad for us to go there. I envy you your butchers. We have no such thing in our area here in Michigan.