Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge Update

Sowing seed or Planting

I'm afraid the garden has been neglected as I've been spending large amounts of time working this week. Its also very wet and cold. The rain has been very welcome. We even have snow forecast later in the week.

Planning for The Future

Menu Planning:
Monday - Chicken and corn soup with fresh bread
Tuesday - Fish, chips and salad
Wednesday - Chilli con carne
Thursday - Chicken lasagne
Friday - probably going out
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - homemade pizza

Meals are a bit of a challenge this week as I'm out for 4 evenings during the week and most of the day Saturday.

Working for the Future
Finding outlets where I can buy food in bulk. I've discovered two fruit shops who offer substantial discounts if you are prepared to buy in bulk. Onions are selling for around $2.50/kg but if you buy a 10kg bag its only $8.00 ($0.80/kg!). Even if I throw a few out because they have gone soft I'm still doing well. Its a similar story with apples and carrots.

New Skill
Quilting - I'm not very good at it but the end result was acceptable if not brilliant.

Working for the Community
  • Attended and participated in the local community Anzac Day parade
  • Volunteered for an organization working with youth


Toria said...

I've taken to buying onions in the 10kg bags. I keep a few out, but most of them I pre-slice & toss in the freezer. Whenever I need onions in a recipe, I pull out what looks like roughly the right amount to use.

Crunchie's Mum said...

Clever idea, I hadn't thought of freezing them. I use a lot of onions, it takes about 5 weeks to go through the 10kg. They keep fine in the colder months but do tend to go soft in the warmer months. The freezing idea may be the trick for summer.