Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow its Windy Out There

The forecast was for strong winds but wow its windy out there. I woke this morning to the sound of wind rumbling through the trees. The sky was black and its since started to rain. Its stay at home weather except of course that I have to go out. My daughter has an appointment this morning. I think we had better leave early to allow for branches and debris on the roads.

Today is a work day. I need to spend a few hours at my desk. I've also got some jobs around the home I would like to get done. My son is back to uni in a couple of days so I was hoping to bake him some goodies to take with him.

Yesterday I cleaned out the pantry, it was long overdue. There were a couple of shelves which were overcrowded and had things thrown in. After sorting through the mess I was amazed to find - 7 packets of spaghetti, 5 packets of custard powder and three tins of baking powder amongst other stuff. The spaghetti will get used but 5 packets of custard powder! What was I thinking! Rolled oats was another one, there were at least 5 big packets of rolled oats lurking in there. The problem was that I couldn't find anything in the mess so I would keep buying the same stuff. Hopefully I've learnt from this. Our budget has tightened up considerably so we really can't afford to waste food.

I'm trying to shop to a list and not impulse buy. I'm also cutting back on the one off things you buy to try it out and then find stuck in the back of the cupboard months later. We had bottles and bottles of different sauces. How many do you really need? I'll stick to the basics and cut down on the wastage.

Herbs and spices can also easily get out of control. My husband finally put up my new spice rack so now I can see exactly what is there. I use herbs and spices quite regularly. There wasn't much there that doesn't get used. There were a few odd ones that had been bought for a specific recipe and probably won't be used again. There were quite a few herbs I had bought that I've got growing in the garden. Fresh herbs are far superior to the commercial dried stuff. Instead of buying herbs I'm going to dry some of my own. It makes sense so why haven't I been doing it?

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