Friday, May 8, 2009

After the Fires

Recently we went for a drive up through the fire affected country near us. The Black Spur, a road that winds through the mountains where normally you are surrounded by tall timber and lush tree ferns, is now simply black. The fires roared through this beautiful area. Normally you would only catch a glimpse of the sky through the Black Spur as the trees were so high and close together. Now the trees are black and the landscape far more open.

We kept going up to Marysville. There are black and brown patches on the sides of the mountains. The burnt remains of houses and businesses are evident from the main road. Then there will be a patch of green, untouched by the fires. Once at Marysville the horror of these fires hits again. The main street has been devastated. There is very little left. Even the playground is gone.

The huge trees are blackened and in some places have been removed as they were unsafe. Even the river looks smaller, sadder, it has lost its cheerful bubbling as it wound its way through the town.

Already there is new growth and you know the town will rebuild. It will be beautiful again but its going to be a long, slow process. My heart went out to those that lost everything.

We came home and thought how it could easily have been us. We live in a similar area, mountains, trees and lots of bush. Fires have roared through here before and probably will again. Its a sobering thought.

Devastation along the main street

The hills surrounding Marysville

Signs of new growth

Kepler lookout


belinda said...

Congratulations on doing the trip. For those of us living up in the hills, where honestly we missed out only by luck not management, confronting these areas is really challenging.

I am going up to Dixons Creek in August to do a site visit of a permaculture property that survived. I am really not looking forward to driving through these areas but being educated and aware makes us so much safer than blissful and ignorant.

Kind Regards

Linda said...

I asked my husband to drive through Flowerdale and Kinglake on Sunday since he was driving to Melbourne. I have looked at the Flowerdale photos in the area where we lived which was still basically in tact in the buildings we had to do with. I have been wondering if I should post photos of Kinglake that I haven't looked at properly yet, I do have a happy one of the school I know I will post that, in Flowerdale.

Our house had the gate post burnt, we lived there in 2003.

Linda said...

I was going to say, I will post some more since you did, hopefully I will remember to link here too.