Monday, May 4, 2009

Another weekend gone

Another weekend gone. They seem to slip by so quickly. Our son was home again for the weekend. He brought his usual bag of washing. The house was full of text books and promotional material he had collected at an industry expo. Nearly every show bag he collected contained a drink bottle. Water bottles seem to be the promoters dream. How many does one person need though?

I spent most of Saturday volunteering at a local community event. We raise funds for cancer research. This year was disappointing as we only raised a third of what we normally do. We suspect it is a flow on from the economic crisis - families have less to spend on non-essentials. Although I would have like to raise more money for a good cause, it was still a worthwhile day. It was lovely and sunny and I caught up with people I don't often see.

Sunday I was hoping to get out into the garden. I have seedling who desperately need to be planted out. Unexpected visitors arrived so the afternoon was spent in front of the fire chatting and eating afternoon tea. The seedlings will have to wait.

I've started my sewing for Mothers Day. Things are progressing reasonably well. I need to get most of it cut out today so I can finish the embroidery by Thursday. that gives me a couple of days to sew everything together and a day to panic if things don't work out.

At the beginning of the year I decided to try and make over half of our gifts to friends and family this year. So far I've managed quite well but there are a lot of birthdays in April and May and I'm falling behind a little. I think planning is the secret, you need to plan ahead and keep working steadily all year. I will have to start planning for Christmas soon. Forward planning also lets you buy the materials when you see them on special. There is a lovely soft yarn I would really like to knit a poncho for a niece. Her birthday is in July so I still have a couple of months. I'm hoping the yarn will be on special in time for her birthday.

I hope you had a good weekend,

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