Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Beautiful Autumn Day

Its cold and foggy this morning but the sun is starting to peep through so it will probably be another beautiful autumn day. Autumn here means very cold mornings, beautiful days and cold evenings. Its a wonderful time of the year.

Its been a busy week, I've been out most days with the voluntary position I hold with a youth group. I don't normally have as many appointments in one week, its just a few things have all come at once.

Work has also picked up which is great but I would love to be out in the garden. Time management is one of my biggest issues. If I spend time in one area and catch up then other areas suffer. Balancing between my obligations and my 'want tos' is always tricky. Food on the table and clean clothes to wear are my priorities around the house. The vacuuming can wait.

The priorities for today are to catch up on some work, finish sewing a skirt for a niece, pick up my daughter from her after school class, a quick bit of shopping and prepare for a meeting tonight. Maybe somewhere in there I'll get out into the garden for an hour. I've got a nice big pile of strawberry plants to plant in the garden.

I hope your day goes well for you,

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