Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge Update

Sowing seed or Planting

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so I took the chance to spend an hour or so in the garden.

Seedling planted out:
Silver Beet - 5 colour

Tomatoes - There were still the odd tomatoes lurking beneath the mess. These were picked and the green tomatoes picked to make pickles. The green zebra bush is covered in tomatoes and still growing well. It must be more frost hardy.

Beans - Blue Lake - the old vines were removed and the pods harvested for next years seeds. They are drying on a tray inside.

Parsnip- fresh parsnips smell wonderful, nothing like store bought ones. I found a huge one lurking under the celery so its going to go into my favourite soup.

Celery - still going strong.

Planning for The Future
Decided this house will be far too big for the two of us. Both our kids are planning to live in at university so there is the very real chance there will be just the two of us here next year. We will do some maintenance on this house but nothing too major. We will plan to sell in the next couple of years.

Working for the Future
  • Helped teenage daughter clean out her wardrobe
  • Bought carrots and onions in bulk
  • Burnt off some of the leaves and debris we had collected over the winter

Working for the Community
  • Hosted Australia's Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council
  • Volunteered for a local youth organization

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