Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge Update

Sowing seed or Planting

  • Planted about 20 strawberry plants under the fruit trees, I've still got plenty more to plant.
  • The snails feasted on my last lot of seedlings so planted more cabbage and broccoli seedlings and will hope the snails leave these alone.
Planning for The Future

Meal planning is a bit hit and miss at the moment. We have had a number of nights when one or more of us has had to go out at night. I'm trying to cook a few meals in double quantity and freeze the leftovers. I'm also making frozen meals for my son who is at university.

Working for the Future

Building Community
  • Voluntary work with a local youth organization
Learn a new Skill
  • Struggled through what I thought was a simple knitting pattern, pulled it out three times and then realized I had been over confident and hadn't read the pattern properly! New skill- read the patterns carefully before you begin!

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