Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day
I hope all the mothers had a wonderful day yesterday. We went and visited my mother along with the rest of the extended family. We spent a lovely afternoon together drinking coffee and eating cake. My MIL lives interstate so we rang her that evening.

I managed to finish the gift for my mother on time - just. Saturday was spent finishing it off and cleaning up my sewing mess. I literally had sewing supplies from one end of the house to the other. I now have my own desk to use for my sewing. It will be bliss. I won't have to lug the sewing machine around the house looking for a power point and a table no one is using.

The desk I'm using was once the computer desk. Its in a little nook off the hallway where the kids had a computer set up to use on the internet. It was easy to monitor their internet usage as we frequently wandered past. The kids got older and progressed to computers in their rooms as their homework load increased. The spot in the hallway attracted dust and lots of bits of junk that had no other home.

A quick clean up on Saturday left me with a nice big desk with a power point under the desk and good lighting. Excellent. The only draw back is there is very little natural light. I mainly sew of an evening anyway so that's not too bad.

What did I make my mum - two set of tea towels (dish towels) and a hand towel for the kitchen. I was going to make a second hand towel but ran out of time. Maybe next year I'll be more organized.

A hand towel for the kitchen.
I was planning on embroidering red hearts on the border on the towel but sadly I ran out of red thread.

A set of heart tea towels (dish towels).

A set of cupcake tea towels (dish towels).

Enjoy your day,

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