Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another cold day

Its cold today, cold and foggy. The fire is burning and the house will soon warm up. We have actually had rain this week, real rain not just a few drops here and there. I had forgotten what real rain was like. The water tanks are overflowing and there are puddles on the ground. After years of drought it is pretty exciting.

Its the last day of mid year VCE exams today. My daughter is looking forward to this afternoon when they will be over. She thinks she did well on one and not so well on another. We won't know until the results come out.

The cold weather has inspired me to continue with my knitting. I've completed a few more squares. The pile of completed squares is growing and my wool stash is shrinking. Luckily wool was on special last week so I could stock up again.

Another set of nine square completed, one in each of the nine colours of my quilt. Each square has a different pattern, its a bit hard to tell in the photo, but they do. The next set of nine I'm working on are all in stocking stitch. They knit up pretty quickly then I'm going to embroider hearts on them.

Better go and check the fire, its time for a cuppa and some morning tea.


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Linda said...

The day after was only 3oC where I am. I am glad we have had nice days this week. Luckily our kids were not in school that day. It is also more peaceful without VCE exams too here.