Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Being Organized

I would love to be more organized, really I would, but it just never seems to happen. This week has been busy with work. A small project turned into a big project which hopefully, fingers crossed, will be finished today.

I also committed to helping a community group with a project. It was going to be an easy job, the bulk of the work was done and I just had to do some finishing touches. Famous last words. It turned out to be a much larger job than expected and the launch date is creeping ever so closer and I'm just not finished. The plan is to do some more tonight and tomorrow, wait for the necessary feedback from the rest of the group and complete it on the weekend.

It seems that I'm never organized in all facets of my life. If my work is up to date then the house is a mess, if the house is clean and organized then the garden hasn't been touched for weeks. I've come to realize you can't do it all. I work from home and have two children. Its been wonderful as the hours are flexible and I can work around the kids.

As a young mum I would worry about keeping the house clean now, older and wiser (hopefully wiser) I don't stress about the small stuff. The priorities are good healthy meals and keeping the laundry up to date. We all need food and clean clothes but does it really matter if the house hasn't been dusted for two weeks?

It would be nice to be a supermum and get everything done but I just don't think thats me. I have grand plans but somehow everyday life gets in the way. Taking the dogs for a walk with my daughter and having a chat seems much more important than weeding the garden.

Some time saving tips which work for me are:
  • invest in a slow cooker. It takes 20 minutes in the morning to throw everything in the slow cooker so when you come home at night there is a hot meal waiting and the house smells wonderful.
  • cook double batches of some meals and freeze half. You then have a simple meal for busy days.
  • record your favourite TV shows and watch them later. You can zap the ads and once the show is finished that's it you don't stay and watch what ever comes after just because you are there.
  • plan your meals and shop weekly or monthly if you can manage it. All those quick trips to the shops during the week take time.
  • when you do go out try and combine more than one job in the trip, go to the bank, post office, libary and do your shopping. Its better than lots of small trips.
  • say no sometimes (I'm still working on this one)
Have a good day,

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