Friday, June 19, 2009

Cook books

Its official - I have way too many cook books. I have had a nagging feeling for some time that there were a few too many books crowded together on the shelf. I had even stopped buying them for a while, OK I didn't completely stop but I certainly slowed down.

My son is home for a couple of weeks and one of the jobs on his list is to finish the shelves he made me for my cook books. He is going to put an extra shelf on and put a ply wood back on the shelving unit. It was time to move the resident cook books. Each one was taken from the shelf, dusted off and sorted. The piles grew alarmingly high. I'm not brave enough to count them all but I know there are over 50. A bit excessive.

Some are cake decorating books as I used to decorate cakes. I don't anymore, partly because I lost interest and partly because my wrists are no longer strong enough to knead and roll out the icing. The cake decorating books are going. A few of my favourites are staying but the bulk are moving on. I'm listing them on Ebay today. Hopefully they will find a new home where someone will use them.

There is a large pile of mostly Womens Weekly cook books I need to go through. There are some there that haven't been opened in a long time. They will be going as well.

Amongst all the shiny new books is an old somewhat tattered blue book - "Cookery the Australian Way". It was my old school book and I still use it. Mine is edition 3. I was speaking to a friend the other day who has edition 1, she still uses it. Its the book I go to when I've run out of SR flour and only have plain, it gives the directions of how much baking powder to add, how long to cook a roast, the recipe for white sauce, my husband's favourite pancake recipe, making pizza dough. Its all there but without the glitzy photos.

I do like the glitzy photos though, what a thrill when you make a recipe and it turns out like the photo. It doesn't happen that often - at least not for me.

Its time for a cup of tea and some more book sorting.

Have a great day,


Tracy said...

My Cookery the Australian Way is also tattered and has seen better days despite having been covered in clear contact when it was brand new. I have a black 3rd edition. Well, at least I always thought it was black til you said yours was blue LOL.

I use my AWW books all the time. It's the myriad of books Dh bought me before we married that I never use. Still, I'm not sure I'm ready to pass them along, either.

Actually, I should begin, because I have no room for things like 'Maggie's Kitchen' and 'Apples for Jam'. And I really want 'Nigella Express' and other newer books like that.

Crunchie's Mum said...

Its hard to part with them but once I had made up my mind and the sorting began it wasn't too bad. The cake decorating books are listed on Ebay and are doing well. This week I'm going to list some of the AWW that seemed like a good idea when I bought them but in practise I rarely use.

I can then use the money from Ebay to buy something new. As I bonus the kitchen will look heaps better without an overloaded shelf of cook books. I would also like the books to go to someone who will use them rather than have them collect dust here.