Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exam Week

Its finally here - the beginning of exam week. This week is mid year exam week for both my son at university and my daughter in Year 12. There has been lots of studying happening around here over the last few weeks. Every flat surface is covered with text books, pens, papers and past exam papers.

The first exam was today. We ventured out into the wet and cold to drop our daughter at her exam. She was a little nervous.Now its over and she is back home she seems happy enough. She has two more exams this week. Our son has his first exam today and finishes next week.

Good luck to all those kids studying who have exam week.

Its raining today which is great. Its about time it got wet around here.



Tracy said...

Our VCE coordinator did a beautiful thing for your Year 12's. On Friday each staff member was given a student's name, their exams, another piece of paper and a pen. We each wrote a note the student we received. The kids were absolutely and completely thrilled to know that they had people thinking of them, supporting them and praying for them.

Linda said...

On Thursday my son had his last uni exam, he was worried but it turned out well. On Friday we started working a 5 day week, and felt he would be bored without homework, but I bet that doesn't last long.