Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More work on the kitchen

Work on the kitchen continues, though not much will happen today as both my son and I have other appointments. One of the cupboard doors was pulled off yesterday and sanded back. I can't believe the difference it makes. Under the old ugly dark stain is beautiful light coloured timber. I'm not going to restain it, it will be sealed with a clear sealer. Now we need to sun to come out so the painting can begin.

It is certainly cheaper to spruce up the kitchen when you have wooden cupboards and benches. They can be painted and sanded, unlike laminex. The kitchen cupboards in this house are what we call 'country'. They have been handmade by the original owners who built the house. The timber in the cupboard doors is at least 2" thick. They are heavy solid timber doors, door frames and bench tops. The hinges are big, metal and heavy duty. Its not trendy or fashionable but it is certainly durable. We are also discovering that timber is easy to sand back, paint and change the look of a tired kitchen.

We've been wondering what to do with the kitchen for quite a while. One family member ,who has done a number of renovations, suggested pulling the whole thing out (including the wood stove) and replacing it with white laminate. He thought it would brighten up the room a bit. I just figured he had no concept of the country look. I'm very glad we didn't follow his advice.

He also wanted to get rid of the sink. In his eyes it was old fashioned and ugly. In my eyes it is stainless steel, has a double sink and two generous draining boards. Why get rid of something that works well but has a few minor dents to replace it with a smaller modern sink? It seems the modern concept is to throw everything out and replace it rather than fix what is already there.

Oh, the wood stove is staying as well. Its old fashioned but it works.


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