Monday, June 22, 2009

The kitchen renovation (sort of)

The start of another week and the start of a very long awaited kitchen renovation. Its probably not so much as a renovation as a spruce up. My son is home from uni for the holidays and he has promised me a week of labour to fix up the kitchen. Sons are wonderful sometimes (he did bring home an enormous bag of washing, it will probably take me the week to get through it!).

Today the smallest kitchen bench was pulled apart and the top taken outside to be sanded and sealed. The bench tops are solid timber but desperately need refinishing. I would sometimes get splinters from this one! My son is doing the sanding and the construction work, I get to do the painting.

We will see how we go. It won't all get done this holidays but it will be great to at least get it started. We moved in 11 years ago and said "we need to do something about the kitchen" but there was always something that got priority.

Tomorrow the plan is to take off the cupboard doors and sand them back. They are also solid timber. There is a lot of sanding to do then I just need a few nice days to get the painting done.

Have a great day,

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