Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A bit of baking

Once upon a time I was very good and baked most of our own bread. It was yummy and good for us but the company I used to buy my flour from moved and it all became too hard.

This morning I had a spurge of energy (very unusual that) and decided to bake. I quite enjoyed the feeling of dough in my hands and watching it rise in front of the fire. I felt positively domestic, definitely not a domestic goddess but definitely domestic.

The end result was pretty good, not perfect but pretty good. My husband has already eaten three of the scrolls and given them his approval. I'll see what my daughter says when she gets home. My son eats just about anything so his opinion doesn't really count.

The other half of the dough I made into focaccias but I didn't make them flat enough so they look more like rolls. Never mind they still taste good, I'll just have to try again.

I was hoping the scrolls would make handy lunches for my kids at school. Today's were a pizza roll with tomato, onion, herbs and cheese in them. Next time I'll try another filling, maybe ham and pineapple or cheese and vegemite or something with curry.

Maybe this will inspire me to make bread again, I'll have to dust out the old bread tins.

Have a great day,


Linda said...

They look very nice.

Tracy said...

They sure look yummy. I wish I could indulge in some scroll eating!!!!

belinda said...


they look great.

I have the opposite problem with my foccacias.. I have this tendency to make them too flat, creating something akin to flat bread.

Kind Regards