Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A good day to paint

The sun is out today - yah!! I should be able to get some painting done. The kitchen is progressing well. Work stops and starts a bit as we are working around our normal commitments and visitors who tend to pop in over the school holidays.

Yesterday the actual cupboards were pulled out, a couple anyway. My son and his friend are rebuilding them today. My job is to paint the new creations. The kitchen is solid timber, no laminex or melamine in sight. Timber cupboards need painting. The external timber is being sanded back and painted with a clear varnish to protect it. The internal timber, inside the cupboards is going to be painted with my leftover paints I have accumulated over the years. My family think I'm nuts as the cupboards will be different colours but I'm not worried. Why can't you have different colours in the interior of the cupboard?!

Before everything is put back I'm going to have a huge clean out. I've already started filling the op shop box. There are things in those cupboards that never or very rarely get used. Its all going. My aim is to only keep things I use and have well organized cupboards instead of over flowing junk heaps.

It will be nice when its all done. Actually it will be wonderful when its all done.

We are working in stages as my son is back to uni soon. Stage 1 is to sand and seal both benchtops, all the cupboard doors and re fit out two of the cupboards. When my son has more time off he will do the next stage. I'll be thrilled if it is all finished by the end of the year. Its slow progress but I would rather work with my son that pay someone else to do the whole job in less time. I feel very lucky that my 19 year old is willing to spend time with me and help out on such a big project.

The sun is still shining so I think I had better make the most of it and get some painting underway.

Have fun,

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Linda said...

I love reading about your kitchen renovation, hopefully I will read all of it soon.

I have nominated you for an award. You can pick it up at my blog.