Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Alone

Today I was the only one home for most of the day, very unusual. We work from home so normally my husband is home with me. Today everyone else had a place to be and I was at home.

When I'm home and the others are out I like to make the house inviting for when they return, I think its a nesting thing. Anyway for whatever reason I seem to get a lot more done around the house when no one else is here.

The morning was spent doing the dishes (Ok I confess they were yesterday's dishes) and made a Hummingbird Cake. I love Hummingbird cake, it gets better after a couple of days but doesn't normally last that long. Its yummy but full of good stuff so you don't feel too guilty eating it.

After the dishes were done I made a stew and put it in the slow cooker so I could have the afternoon free. The house also smells great with the slow cooker bubbling away. Sometimes I think its worth the effort just for the wonderful aroma of slow cooking food.

The fire was lit and burning happily, our dinner was cooking away so I got to spend the afternoon outside. The dogs and I spent a few hours in the garden and then down came the rain. For a few minutes it hailed and one of the dogs played in the hail. She seemed surprised that hard stuff was falling out of the sky.

All in all a reasonably productive day. It feels good to have spent some time outside rather than all day in front of a computer screen.

I hope you had a good day,

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