Thursday, July 2, 2009

School holidays and kitchen renovation

I've been a bit slack with my blogging lately. Life has been a little busy. Its school holidays so both the kids are home which is really nice. It might be the last time for a long while we have both of them here for more than a weekend so I've been making the most of it. Our son is at uni so holiday jobs and work experience will be keeping him busy for future holidays. How do they grow up so quickly? Part of me rejoices that they both have a career they are working towards and are happy, independent young people, after all that is what we are trying to raise them to be. Part of me misses those young people who depended upon us, cuddled up for a story at night time and loved to play games.

My daughter and I have spent a day shopping for her school formal. She has managed to buy her dress, shoes, jacket, jewelery and bag for under $200. We've bought most things on sale and some have come from the op-shop. Her jacket was full priced but she bought one she can wear again. I'm impressed. Some of her friends have paid more than $200 just for their dress. Its nice to see my once spendthrift daughter thinking about money and saving for her future rather than blowing it all on one night. She has also deliberately bought accessories she can wear again at her valedictory dinner later in the year.

The kitchen renovation is coming along. Its been wet and windy so not a lot has happened in the past couple of days. Both kitchen benches have been removed and sanded. Its a bit tricky working in a kitchen where there simply isn't any bench space. I think the cupboards are being dismantled today. They have chipboard shelves which I really don't like. There is plenty of timber lying around in the garage so my son is going to make solid timber shelves for me. Isn't it nice having a son who enjoys woodwork? I'm hoping to sand back and paint one of the benches today, if the weather is kind enough. The largest bench has a number of holes in it which need to be filled. That's the time consuming part, waiting for all the filler to dry.

For those of you who also have kids on school holidays, I hope you have a wonderful time together. Its amazing how fast the kids grow up and then you miss the things you used to do together. I've been told it takes a while to make the transition but once the kids do leave home life is pretty good.


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