Friday, July 31, 2009

A surprise in the post

The end of another week, they fly by so quickly. Our son is home again tonight for the weekend so hopefully some more work on the kitchen will happen. It would be so lovely to have the bench top back again.

Yesterday I went and collected our mail from the post office. We don't have a delivery service to the house here, all our post goes to the post office. I tend to only pick the mail up a couple of times a week, sometimes less. There is usually a nice pile waiting for me when I do get around to making the trip.

My daughter received a package which she opened when she got home. Guess what was inside - the very music CD she had been wanting to buy but thought was too expensive! She was a pretty happy young lady. Apparently she had won a competition and this was her prize. This is the third prize she has received in about three months. Pretty good, eh?!

She has been entering competitions from her favourite magazines and doing quite well from it. None of her prizes have been very expensive but its exciting to get something unexpected in the mail. She enters via the internet and not her mobile phone so it doesn't cost her anything. Its fun to win stuff, especially when its unexpected.

Today I have some work to catch up on, the tax man wants his paperwork done. Its raining so its a good day to stay inside. I'm hoping to make some more bread this afternoon. I'm getting quite into bread making. So far everything I have tried has worked but hasn't been perfect. Its a bit of a learning curve.

We are off to a university open day on the weekend for our daughter. The next month is full of open days so our calendar is fast filling. Year 12 is an exciting year in a lot of ways, its full of potential. The kids make so many decisions which affect their future. I admit though that I will be glad when we get to March next year and they will both be enrolled in Uni, have a place to stay and there will be less uncertainty.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

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Linda said...

Yes, I feel the same way. I'm sure it will be nice, and more normal.