Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sweet curry, a family recipe

I made curry for tea last night. Its a sweet curry and a favourite around here. Its yummy and easy to cook. I often cook it in the slow cooker so its super simple. The recipe came from my Mum. We loved it as kids and now we cook it for our kids. It tastes even better the next day.

It reminds me of the ad on TV where the soup is passed from grandmother to mother to daughter but in our case there seems to have been some changes along the way.

I was chatting to my sister and she mentioned the curry recipe. Apparently my mother had been at my sister's home when she was cooking curry. Mum commented on how nice the curry was and my sister said it was the curry Mum used to cook. Mum look puzzled - this wasn't her curry recipe. They compared notes and the recipe was the same but different. My sister ran off the ingredients, my recipe is a bit of a combination of the two with some of my own additions. Its amazing how much we have adapted the recipe over the years. I guess its a really good recipe if it adapts so well and still tastes great.

My version of the curry recipe

500g diced beef
3 onions diced
4 teaspoons curry powder (my family like a bit of spice in their curry, if you don't like hot curry, use less)
3 large granny smith apples cored and diced
a couple of handfuls of sultanas
a large tin of crushed tomatoes
sometimes I add tomato paste if there is half a jar in the fridge that needs using
a few spoonfuls of fruit chutney

Throw it all in a slow cooker and cook for 4 hours on high and 4 hours on low ( a bit less is OK but you do need the 4 hours on high)
Or brown the onions with a little oil in a heavy based pot, add the beef and brown, add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for a couple of hours.

The apples should break down and thicken the sauce, if you want to you can thicken the sauce the traditional way at the end of cooking or if cooking on the stove top, roll the beef in plain flour before browning.

Serve with rice.


Tracy said...

I love a sweet curry with apples and sultanas in it. But Dh, being the good appreciator of all things Asian, prefers a 'proper' curry.

Louise said...

Having just purchased a slow cooker, I made this recipe in it last week. I love it! It tasted great. I didn't have beef so used chicken drumsticks, and I didn't have tinned tomatoes so substituted with fresh plus paste plus condensed soup plus half a bottle of salsa :) I think it would taste better with the tinned tomato (the soup was a last resort, changes the taste a lot), but it still tasted great. I also didn't get in the four hours on high (it cooks for eight hours while I am at work) but I did get in about an hour on high with the lid off at the end and that did enough to thicken it up. Thanks for posting it. I would welcome any future posts with simple slow cooker recipes :)