Sunday, July 26, 2009

A 'Wicked' weekend

Time flew past last week and I really don't know what happened. I had lots of good intentions but not much happened. Friday night I had a lovely surprise. My family took me out for the night for my birthday. My birthday was earlier in the week and I had been told I had to wait until Friday for my present. There was lots of good natured teasing about it all week. My husband insisted we were going to the football but I had to dress up for the occasion. Finally Friday arrived and the secret was revealed, not the football (thank goodness) but the stage show 'Wicked'. My son even came home from uni and met us in the city.

'Wicked' is wonderful. My daughter loved it and went home clutching a copy of the soundtrack. Its funny, entertaining and the music was great.My husband's comment was -"there seemed to be a lot of singing", well doh! it is a musical. He's not a big fan of musicals. It was a lovely evening and a lot of fun was had by everyone during the week trying to guess the surprise and come up with 'red herrings' to trick me. I didn't realize how tricky they could be.

The rest of the weekend was much quieter with homework for the kids and gardening for me. The weather today was beautiful so I got stuck into pulling out the blackberry and mulching. There is a constant war around here between the blackberry and me. The blackberry seems to be winning at the moment. Its dreadful stuff and will grow anywhere. I've nearly finished one garden bed with lots more to go.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend,

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