Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back on line

The promised winds came and out went our power. The power was out for about 20 hours, coming back about 6pm last night. It wasn't too bad. I lit the wood stove yesterday morning which heated the kitchen and allowed us to cook. Food always tastes better cooked on the wood stove. There was a casserole bubbling away on top of it for most of the day.

There was enough sun to heat the solar hot water system so we could still have a hot shower. We installed the solar system about 8 years ago and its been wonderful. It saves power during the warmer months and at least heats the water a bit during the winter months when we get most of our power outages. I really don't like cold showers.

It was nice to get the power back though. There is nothing like electric lighting! I think it does us good to have an electricity free day sometimes, it reminds us how dependent we have become on electricity and that there are other ways to get the job done without electricity. I certainly don't want to go back to washing clothes by hand, I love my washing machine, but sometimes I think we take the easy way out just because we can. Its easy to line dry clothes though it does take a little longer than using the dryer but how many people just routinely throw the clothes in the dryer. There has to be a balance between convenience and saving money and the earth's resources.

I hope everyone else survived the windy weather without any damage to people or property.



Aussiemade said...

Great to know you survived intact. We get bad winds down here too, and have had blackouts for the longest just over 24hours.
I do wish we had solar water heating, and will be looking into it in a couple of years. We do have gas, but this is not as great as it seems as it has electric thermostat (hmmmm silly us) we have wood fire, lovely and gas cooking too. We also have a tap that does not require our pump to get water (ie gravity fed)
You learn so much when you have blackouts. lol

belinda said...

Winds took trees over the roads here in multiple places but somehow and I honestly can't work out how we kept power.

Good Luck with today's winds.. I am hoping that all of the weak branches have already come down.

Kind Regards